Wood Burning Stove

Pleasant Hearth VFS2 Intermediate Gas vent free stove

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT

Are you looking for a wood-burning product that warms and gives style to your interior? You buy a product for your comfort and, if you don’t get comfortable, you waste your time and money. If your stoves do not provide you with the heat you require and only cost you, we shall introduce you to a Pleasant Hearth VFS2 that satisfies you. You do not need to go here and there to find a stove that gives you a solacing environment. We have brought you a product that will heat your interior. This product, PLEASANT HEARTH VFS2 PH30DT30 VENT FREE STOVE, has some unique features. 

Pleasant Hearth VFS2 has various benefits. It has a vent-free technology that enables it to work without chimney and flue. The vent-free technology used in this product gives it an option to use natural gas and liquid propane as fuel. Its unique architect presents a stylish look that beautifies the interior of your home. Want to explore more its physical and functional features, read the description below.

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Pleasant Hearth VFS2 Product Description

Product Dimensions 

31.93 x 14.37 x28.27 inches 

Item Weight: Pleasant Hearth VFS2 weighs only 78 pounds. 

Model: The item model number of this Pleasant Hearth VFS2 is VFS2-PH30DT30.

Other Features: Apart from the characteristics mentioned above, this product has some additional features that are as follows.

Dual Fuel Technology: This Pleasant Hearth VFS2 has a ‘dual-fuel technology’ that uses natural gas and propane as fuel. This feature of this product procures you ease of using it according to your need and desire.

Thermostat Control: This unique Pleasant Hearth VFS2 has a thermostat control knob. This knob maintains the heat level automatically. 

Dual Burner: This product has a dual burner. When this hearth works, it gives two rows of flames. This feature enhances is performance. This product provides different heating patterns.

Pleasant Hearth VFS2


Pros and Cons: Every product has pros and cons. This wood burning stove has the following pros and cons.


The dual-fuel technology used in Pleasant Hearth VFS2 allows you to use the fuel of your choice.
The dual burner used in this product increases its functionality and gives you patterns of heat.
The thermostat control knob fixed in it automatically controls the heat. This automatic control knob maintains the level of heat. 
it is easy to install; you can install it anywhere you want.

It heats and decorates your interior.


If the oxygen sensor senses low oxygen, it will not ignite the fire.

Things to look for While using this product

If you use this Pleasant Hearth VFS2, ensure the supply of oxygen to the oxygen sensor. You can easily install this product, but it will be best to avail of the services professionals. Ensure that you have an Allen wrench set. If you have an Allen wrench set, you can use any fuel tank.   


In short, this wood burning stove, HEARTH VFS2- VENT FREE STOVE, has useful features. If you want different patterns of heat, it can provide you with various designs of heat. It maintains the heat and prevents overheating, so you can use it without any tension.