How to clean the outside of a wood-burning stove?

How to clean the outside of a wood-burning stove

You might think that wood-burning stoves are a relic of a long-lost time. However, that is simply not true! This is since there are many food experts and lovers who know that you just cannot replace the authentic taste and flavor that a wood-burning stove will add to a variety of foods.

Sure, in many ways, this method might seem quite limiting, archaic, and even too much of a mess! However, there are a lot of benefits to using this method and that’s why they are still quite popular today. That being said, maintenance can be a pain for users that don’t quite have experience.

That’s where we come in with today’s informational article. Wood-burning stoves are quite simplistic in their design and task so before we look at how to clean the outside of a wood-burning stove, we are going to get into more detail about the stoves themselves.

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What is a wood-burning stove?

Of course, as the name suggests, wood-burning stoves are stoves that are mostly made up of one firebox and much like grillers also have trays for ash and pieces of wood you can chuck in. these are heating appliances that utilize burning wood fuel to cook, to heat rooms and are used even for aesthetic purposes.

Should you pay a professional to clean the outside of a wood-burning stove?

This is an important question because like it or not, it is not an easy feat cleaning a wood-burning stove on your own. They can get quite messy and since the outside part is in constant contact with high temperatures, it can be quite dangerous to clean if you have not allowed it to properly cool.

Professionals will of course be much better at it than you but hiring one repeatedly for your wood-burning stove might be a stretch. It might be tempting to pay a professional to do this for you, but we recommend that you follow our advice in the coming paragraphs and just do it yourself!

Here are some useful tips before you start cleaning the outside of your wood-burning stove:

  • Remember to make a habit out of this. You should stick to a cleaning routine that works best for you and remember to commit to it so that you can not have to maintain it as much.
  • Commit to slight cleaning each time you make use of the stove. This will ensure that you know what aspects need more cleaning and are aware of your device’s needs.
  • Be careful not to burn anything other than a specific size of dry wood into your stove. This is crucial because plastics of chemically treated pieces of wood will damage your stove. They might also cause the creation of toxic fumes and gases that can be dangerous to inhale.
  • Be sure that you are equipped with the following equipment: a spray bottle that can contain your cleaner, some paper or plastic wrapping to cover the floor with as the soot and grease fall off, a small brush and shovel duo to pick up any ash that flies off, gloves to protect your hands, a mask to make sure you don’t end up inhaling anything and a small container to add any bits and pieces in.
  • Finally, it will do you some good to remember to never start cleaning your wood-burning stove unless you are sure that it has been turned off. You need to make sure it is cooled properly before you start touching it. Wood-burning stoves can retain their heat for quite some time and this might result in an accident.


The main areas to focus on:

  • For the main outside surface

The outside of your wood-burning stove is by far the most important area because you will notice that the inside is mostly sanitized due to extreme temperatures. Even if it isn’t sanitized, the outside is usually what tends to get dirtier anyways. This is because the inside is protected by a grill or door of some kind.

So, to clean the outside, we recommend that you invest in a nice soft bristle brush, a spray bottle to effectively get each corner of the surface and, a scraper in case any food items have become stuck to it. The brush will be great for scrubbing but you can also get a nice damp cloth instead.

  • Cleaning the glass is quite important

Most wood-burning stoves are fitted with glass doors because these are not going to get as hot as a metal door would. However, these come with their maintenance issues since they can get quite sooty and messy with time. The main reason behind this is the high moisture content of the wood you burn.

However, this might be the easiest aspect to clean since all you need is a damp cloth and you can simply wipe all the soot away.

  • Don’t forget about the ash pan!

Almost all wood-burning stoves will come fitted with an ash pan or tray of some sort or the other. You should ideally empty this pan after each use because it is quite easy to do. Even if your specific stove claims it has a higher capacity to contain the ash, we still recommend that you clean it out regularly.

  • A coat of paint won’t hurt

Finally, we recommend that you also think about long-term maintenance and if you have had your wood-burning stove for a while, painting it is a good idea. Mind you that this cannot be just any kind of paint.

Most devices such as these will be coated with heat-resistant paints and that’s exactly what you should opt for. These paints make cleaning up and maintenance easier in the long run and ensure it doesn’t get chipped or scratched off.