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Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert with faceplate

Drolet Escape 1500-I Medium

Are you fed up with wood-burning appliances that you use to warm the interior of your home? Do they cost you and do not fulfill your requirement? Then Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert is best for you. The temperature of the room interior is critical, especially in winters. The warm nights in winter bring you a comfortable sleep. If the temperature goes down, the body feels the effect of chilly weather. This thing disturbs the solacing environment. The decreased temperature brings uncomfortable moments for your body as it needs an optimum temperature.

People use various resources to get the temperature according to their needs. If the surrounding temperature is down, the body needs heat to nullify the effect of decreased temperature. Ancient people burnt the wood to get the heat produced by the fire. The time passed, and the sources changed. The act of taking care of both health and the environment forced men to use new ways. Innovations came, and men used newly invented appliances to serve their needs.

The old ways of using woods were irritating. There was an awkward smell that spoiled the beauty of specific times. The smoke produced from burning wood is injurious for health. This smoke caused various diseases. Now, the world uses multiple wood-burning appliances to get heat by burning woods. Attaining heat from wood is the cheapest source. In the market, various items of these appliances are available.

They are available in a different size, performance, and price. This thing confuses you and leaves you indecisive in such a situation. Are you worried about such a situation? Don’t worry! We have great information for you. We shall tell you about the best wood-burning stoves that satisfy your needs. Wood burning stoves are quite useful as these stoves don’t produce smell and smoke. They provide you the heat you need. Below is the wood-burning stove that can be the best for you.

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Drolet Escape 1500-I Medium 2020 Review

The Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert is one of the best wood-burning stoves. It has exquisite features. Its features are as follows.

Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert Specification

Heating area

500-1800 Ft2


271/4” W X 223/8”

Maximum log Length


Average particulate emission

1.26 g/h

Flue outlet diameter

6 in (150 mm)

Recommended connector pipe diameter

6 in (150 mm)

Type of Chimney

ULC S635, CAN/ULC-S640, UL1777

Baffle material


Approved for alcove installation

Not applicable

Approved for mobile home installation 11


Type of Door

Simple, glass with cast iron frame

Type of glass 

Ceramic glass


Included (upto144 CFM)

USA standard (Safety) 

UL1482, UL737

Canada standard (Safety)


Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert Other Features

The team, SBI, intends to use that material, which does not harm the environment. For them, the protection of the domain is the priority. If the surrounding environment is not healthy, it can cause various problems. The material used in these products has no lasting negative impacts.

The body of the insert has carbon steel in its structure. The material used in making the body of this insert is recyclable. If, after years, there is a need to recycle it, you can easily recycle it.

1. Paint

The paint applied on the body of this insert is not thick. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) of this insert is deficient. VOCs can produce smog, so the possibility of the VOCs of the paint has been reduced. The manufacturers, while painting this product, ensured that this product meets the latest are quality requirements.

2. Air Tubes

The material used for the build-up of air tubes of this product is stainless steel. This material is also recyclable.

3. Baffle

The manufacturers have used compressed Vermiculite to make the baffle of this insert. Vermiculite compressed with a binder that helps in making a rigid board. This material, Vermiculite, is quite significant in this product. It has the quality to withstand a high temperature of 2000 F or above.

4. The Door Glass

The door glass of Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Insert is a5/32” (4mm) thick. This material is a ceramic that does not contain toxic chemicals. The combination of natural raw materials such as sand and quartz make it a high-temperature glass.

5. Zone Heating

The name of this Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Inserts a space heater. It heats the area where you installed the space connected to that area in which you install it. This ability of the heating zone increases its popularity. It heats all the areas of the home connected to the place where its installation takes place. You should install in that area where the family spends most of the time; its working will be its best.

6. Emission and efficiency

The unique features inside the firebox reduce the emission of smoke. It means that it releases 90% less smoke into the environment. This product does not burn the wood partially. It burns the wood entirely that increases its efficiency. The completely burnt wood will release maximum energy that results in full heat.

How to use it efficiently

When you use this Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Inserts for the first time, the paint cures, and the vapors will appear. It would be best if you do not worry about it. The steam that comes out is not harmful or poisonous. The doors and windows should be open when you use it for the first time. The opened spaces ventilate the house.

Lighting Fires

Every person has his way of lighting fires. The fast ignition of fires produces less smoke.

Conventional Method

In the conventional method, a wood fire will ignite if you squeeze 5 to 10 sheets of newspaper. After that, please place them in the firebox. It would help if you held them with the use of 10 pieces of kindling wood. Place these pieces of kindling wood on and behind the sheets of newspaper.

Two Parallel Log Method

This method will significantly help if you place two split logs wrapped in newspaper sheets in the firebox. Then set the newspaper on fire.

Use of Fire Starters

You can use fire starters. It would help if you used Firestarters made up of different materials. When you use them, follow the package description for safe use.


This product gives you the ease of attaining the maximum heat you need.
It heats not only the area you install it in but also the regions connected with that area.
It does not pollute the surrounding.
The material used to make the door glass does not contain any toxic chemicals.


The gaskets of this product are fiberglass. You cannot dispose of them quickly.

Drolet Escape 1500-I Medium


This Drolet Escape 1500-I Wood Inserts has salient features. If the product you use to warm your interior does not meet your requirements, it is best to select it. This product not only heats your interior but also saves the surrounding environment. It architect gives you the ease of using it according to your need.