How to duct heat from a wood burning stove?

How to duct heat from a wood burning stove

People prefer using a heat stove these days as it can provide you with the best heat energy as compared to other resources. But the main problem with heat stoves is ducting heat out of them in a proper way. You have to connect the heating stove with a proper channel to duct the unnecessary or harmful heat out of your place.

You need to keep wood constantly in the stove so it can provide effective heat. For this process to work properly you also need a proper duct system to ventilate around the house, not to cause any suffocation or an accident. In this article, we wrote down everything on how to duct heat from a wood burning stove by gathering a lot of information through research and investigating the topic.

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How to duct heat from a wood burning stove?

The Duct system of a heat stove seems to be a small procedure with no important things but this is wrong. Duct systems come with complicated understandings and you have to keep a record of a lot of things for an effective experience. Here, we are going to see what things and what process makes a wood burning stove duct heat properly.


Placement of stove is a very important part of how to duct heat from a wood burning stove. It is the first and foremost step of installing a heat stove. You should consider placing the stove on the initial level of the house like a basement or first floor of the house. If you follow the instructions and place the stove on these floors then you would not have any trouble with the stove.

It is also very important to keep the doors of your rooms open if you want them to be warm because if doors are not open heat and warmth of stove will not pass and your one room will stay warm in which stove is placed and other rooms will be cold. You should also consider opening the doors for better ventilation in rooms.


The second thing to consider in removing heat properly out of a wood burning stove is to install good quality fans. You can consider any fan for ducting or moving heat but bigger fans can perform better and will give you better results than others. You should install or place the fan behind the heating stove. Fans with better features will provide you with an effective working.

Try to avoid plastic in fans as they can reduce effectiveness and do not put fan much near to stove. It should be at least 20 to 25 inches away from the stove. We also recommend that you install fans in different places of the house where you want to move warm air.

Heating system

If you are planning to have a wood burning stove for yourself or already have one, then you need to focus on making an effective and efficient heating system. You can have different systems or gadgets for the heating system but there is no need for it in a small-scale stove like we have at home. You can have backup air systems of the stove and more installed fans for perfect working.

You can have a thermostat and keep it at a reasonable and suitable temperature for your comfort. It is also important that you place or install fans at different places and vents to create a perfect ventilation system. You should also consider opening doors so the warm air can pass through rooms and create a suitable atmosphere.


The draft is also an important part of this process as houses built today are sealed, closed, and are not made with much ventilation so it can cause troubles in working your stove. Your stove might be burning with smoke only and the reason behind this problem is that it is not getting proper air stove requires stove.

The quick solution to this problem is that you immediately open a window nearby so your stove starts working properly. Your stove will start to suck smoke back in. This process is called draft and your stove needs more air and better ventilation for effective and efficient working.


Vents can increase the performance of your heat stove as they create a ventilation system for warm air to move around the house. There should be some specific vents in your house such as a vent on the top floor that opens in the roof of the lower floor of your house.

We recommend you to make the vent near the stove placement and the vent should be of a suitable size so air can pass easily. You should also consider placing fans concerning the position of vents so heat can pass on different floors and levels. This system of making proper vents can help in regulating the effective working of your heat stove.


It is truly said that it is better to avoid a crisis or mishap before rather than to indulge in it due to carelessness and then find ways and means to handle or solve the problem. You need to take care of certain things to avoid any accidents with duct heat. As we conclude the article, we hope that it stayed beneficial for you and now, you know how to duct heat from a wood burning stove.

Let’s summarize and recall all the things we tried to make you understand in this article so it can be easy for you to mark the things that we have learned so far. We discussed that important factors such as placement of stove, heating systems of the stove, cooling fans, draft, and ventilation of the whole system are necessary to duct heat from a wood burning stove.