Wood Burning Stove

US Stove 1269E Small Cast Iron Logwood Stove

US Stove 1269E Small

In winter, it is quite challenging to handle cold. The cold weather affects your routine. If you spend most of your time in your shop, you need heat to make the workplace comfortable. Your garages also require heat for the better protection of your vehicles. To keep the temperature standard and comfortable, you use an appliance. If you desire a device that can heat your garages etc. here is a product that will work for you. This product, US Stove 1269E Small Cast Iron Logwood Stove, is best for warming your garages, shops, log cabins. The details of the product are as follows.

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US Stove 1269E Small Product Description

Product Dimension

US Stove 1269E Small has the following dimensions:

Length 30.5 inches

Width 25.75 inches

Height 21.5

Depth 33 inches

Item Weight: The weight of US Stove 1269E Small is 120 pounds.

Body: Its body features cast iron. This material is beneficial. It can bear a temperature of 2060 F. This material is also corrosion-resistant. 

Solid cooktop surface: This product has a ‘solid cooktop surface.’

Brand Name: The name of its brand is ‘US stove company.’

Colour: The color of this stove is black.

2-Piece Safety Handle : US Stove 1269E Small has a ‘2-piece safety handle’. This handle remains calm when the stove is burning. 

Other Features: Apart from the characteristics mentioned above, this product has some other features that are as follows.

Cost-efficient: This product returns your money in the form of its output.

A clean-burning: This stove has a clean-burning. When it emits heat, it does not release toxic chemicals. The particle emission of this product is very low.

Included Components: It includes the following components: Stove, flue collar, and legs.

Durable: The life expectancy of this product is unequaled. This unequaled expectancy enhances its durability

Heating Capacity: This product has adequate heating capacity. It releases 54,000 BTUs of heat when it works.

Insulated surface: It has an insulated upper surface.

Warranty: This wood-burning stove has a warranty of one year. 

Heavy Duty: This wood-burning-stove is heavy-duty because of its


Tips for using this US Stove 1269E Small

This stove accepts 23 inches logs, but short pieces increase heat and efficiency. Deadwood found in the forest is best for it. Always use dry wood; it is easy to burn; it will not release smoke. Less smoke will keep the environment clean. 

In each stove pipe, there should be a use of three sheet metal screws. Keep the connection of chimney as short as possible. When the fire burns down and the ash rises to 3 to 4 inches in your firebox, remove the ash for smooth running. The barometric draft regulator is best for the chimney that releases draft excessively. Place the protector on the floor when you install it.

Method of Building Fire

The top-down process for this appliance is best for a building fire. Make the first layer of large pieces of wood. In the second layer, use small pieces of wood in a crossway to the first layer. These little pieces of wood should be parallel and close together. The third layer, crossway to the second layer, is also similar to the second layer. The fourth layer features kindling, small pieces of wood, and sheets of newspaper.

Pros and Cons

Every product has pros and cons. The pros and cons of this wood-burning appliance are as follows.

  • This product is best for warming garages, shops, and log cabins. 
  • It is heavy duty and durable because it features cost iron in its construction.
  • US Stove 1269E Small has an adjustable damper.
  • It has a two-piece safety handle that remains cool when the stove is burning. This handle helps you open the door safely.
  • It does not pollute the environment.
  • It releases enough BTUs to heat an area of 1500 square ft.
  • For safe and more accessible clean up, the grate is not available.
  • Lower intake makes the good draw difficult.  

US Stove 1269E Small


Imagine you are ready for your office. You leave for your car and try to start it. Save yourself from this worry. Use this product to heat your garages. The comfortable temperature in the garage will not let the cold wind into your home.

Your workplace can also use this appliance for heat. It is precisely for shops, garages, and log cabins.


This product has all the features that you want. This US Stove 1269E Small Cast Iron Logwood Stove is the best product to warm your garages, shops, and log cabins. Its depth allows you to use it according to your requirement. US Stove 1269E Small gives intense heat; very easy to use. It is cost-efficient and durable.